Maximising the value from your investment in projects

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We present here some brief discussion documents that are typical of the issues we address with our clients.

Optimising the Provision of Healthcare in the Face of Seemingly Impossible Demands

Portfolio optimisation offers a new and radical approach to the funding and resource allocation decisions that are critical for the provision of improved Healthcare.  These decisions, made in the context that the increasing demand for Healthcare will always exceed capacity, involve a myriad of services and facilities that have to be planned to give the best possible service.

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Improved Effectiveness for Clinical Research

How do we achieve real value in good time from our huge investment in Clinical Research?  This is a common demand from pharmaceutical senior management who are often confronted with very complex decision scenarios.  There are huge risks involved, together with long timescales and high costs.  The payoffs can similarly be huge, whether through bringing to market new drugs or providing improved evidence of efficacy or safety for current products.  There also remains the overall concern as to whether the substantial investments in R & D will deliver the necessary returns to sustain the growth required by the pharmaceutical sector.

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Portfolio Prioritisation v Balanced Optimisation

Organisations that today apply Portfolio Management techniques for planning their investment in projects, frequently rely on Portfolio Prioritisation to select between projects that compete for finite funds, resources or time.  However, although prioritisation, as a technique, clearly has benefits, it also has serious limitations.

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